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Using Eduroam

Here you will find information about using Eduroam infrastracture at you home wireless network or while you are roaming

For Romanian Universities

First you must obtain your username and password.

Please consult our Connected Institutions page to find out if your institution is member of Eduroam infrastructure. There you should find information about how to contat your local Eduroam administrator and obtain your credential.

Second you must configure your computer for Eduroam.

Your computer must be 802.1x enabled. This mean that you need a GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac X OS, Windows 2000 (SP3 and above), Windows XP. There may exist other operating system capable of using Eduroam. Please inform us if you've succesfuly used Eduroam for an operating system not listed above.

For Microsoft Windows operating system we recomend SecureW2.  Windows 95, 98, ME or NT will NOT work.

Ubuntu Linux is enabled by default. Just install and use Network Manager provided by Ubuntu. Network Manager may be available in other GNU/Linux distributions.

For other *NIX operating system use wpa_supplicant .

Please consult our usage scenario from "Using Eduroam" submenu:




Connectiong to a foreign network

Connecting to an eduroam site should be little or no different from connecting to your home institutions network. You use the same authentication method, encryption and user name/password (or certificate). The only thing that might differ is how you connect to the network. You either use an ethernet connection or wireless. Using the wireless you might be used to connecting to a certain SSID or it might be that your institution uses the SSID 'eduroam' for it's own users also, in which case you don't have to change your connection profile at all.

It is important that you get eduroam to work at your home institution before you start to roam to other institutions or countries. The reason is that you will always use the same basic settings, chosen by your home institution, no matter where you are on the planet.

Our local IT administrator must provide you with all the necessary details on how to connect to our local network.

The visited site will have a web page informing you about the local setup. You should find the exact information at the institution's web page (via before going there.

What is the name of the roaming network

Wireless networks have names to help you choosing which one you should connect to if more than one is available (it might not be visible, but still available).
The eduroam network is usually just called 'eduroam', but variations may occur. Therefore you should always look at the institutions eduroam web page before going there.

You can make life easier by setting up the following profiles in wireless settings of your PC:

- 'eduroam-web' encryption set to 'WEP'
- 'eduroam-wpa' encryption set to 'WPA' + 'TKIP'
- 'eduroam-wpa2' encryption set to 'WPA' + 'AES'


For foreign users

What do you need to know before using eduroam in Romania.

Of course you need to have a PC or something similar with a wireless network adapter. The name of the wireless eduroam network is called 'eduroam'.

If you don't have a pc you can find one in our buildings. They are connected to the internet using wired lan so you will not need eduroam, just prepare your lesson about how to ask for directions.

It is important that you get eduroam to work at your home institution before you start to roam to our country. The reason is that you will always use the same basic settings, chosen by your home institution, no matter where you are on the planet.

Unfortunately different settings must often be tuned to use the wireless network. This is due to the many kinds and brands of equipment being around. Wireless networks are still a brand new sport, far from as mature and well tested as the good old wired networks. So perhaps you will have to change some of the settings when you roam - this will most likely be the kind of encryption used to secure your connection.

What is the name of Romanian Eduroam network

Each insitution from Eduroam Romania may chose it's own ESSID name and configuration. Please consult our 'Connected instituions ' website to find out about configuration for each institution/location.

For both types of users

Client software for 802.1x or not... To encrypt your user name and password your home insitution may choose either the open standard called TTLS or Microsofts' solution called PEAP (or both).

Windows XP requires external client software to use TTLS. This is included in Mac OS X and also available for Linux.
PEAP is included in Windows XP and Mac OS X and is likewise available for Linux.

More information on TTLS at link:
More information on PEP at link:

Go to the eduroam information page at your institution to get the local details.

A big part of this content is an exact copy of (Danish Eduroam)