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Joining Eduroam

Information about Romanian site who want to join Eduroam.

What can Eduroam offer?

Eduroam offers a secure wireless infrastructure which is roaming and 802.1X enabled. Your users will be able to access the Internet from any Eduroam member institution.

Why you should not use open/unsecure wireless access points?

Leaving your wireless network unsecured for anyone to use presents several risks. An anonymous user might use your network for unauthorized uses. They could try to start an DoS attac from your network or monitor your traffic. The Eduroam policy strictly prohibit unauthorized or malicious activities. By engaging in such activities, members risk having their access privileges revoked.


Why you should use WPA with dynamic keys?

Pre-shared key (PSK) technology is a perfectly appropriate security technique for many small networks. If you are going to use PSK, we still recommend that you use the newer WPA standard rather than the older WEP technology, which has known vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, Eduroam provides several capabilities that are not available with PSK techniques.

First, Eduroam provides roaming capabilities. By choosing to join your institution into the Eduroam community you gain the ability to roam safely and accountably throughout the Eduroam network.

Second, 802.1X makes it easier to manage access to your network. Suppose, for example, that you want to give Amy access to your secure network. With PSK, you would give Amy a secret access code that she would enter into their computers. Since most wireless routers support up to four different codes, suppose you provide access to three other people, each with a different code than Amy's. Finally, Bob comes along and you give him access by providing the same code you gave Amy. Time passes and you decide you want to revoke Bob's access. The problem is, if you change the code, Amy will also lose access, since both Amy and Bob share the same code. More likely than not, you don't even remember which of your many network guests are using which codes. A 802.1X enabled network eliminates this problem because, you can add or delete any member from your network by name rather than by code and every member's access can be controlled independently of the others.

In short, roaming + easy managment = more power than PSK.


Do you want to join?

In order to join eduroam you need to agree with our policy and make your LAN of WLAN 802.1X enabled. Below are listed a few tips and links which may help you in builing a 802.1X enabled network.


If you are using a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution you will have to recompile your freeradius server because it it not linked agains openssl library.
You may used the easyCA scripts from openVPN package to set up you local CA for TTLS.


Eduroam Radius Server - Freeradius configuration example
802.1x WLAN deployment scenario - Freeradius and WRT54G
Introduction to WPA - WPA and Freeradius

Easy instalation packages - Eduroam in a box

You also need to make sure that your users' computers are properly configured to connect to a 802.1X switch or access point.
Once you are sure you have properly configured 802.1X at your institution, you need to connect to the Romanian Top Level RADIUS Servers, which are
hosted by RoeduNet Cluj Branch and Technical University of Cluj Napoca. ( - provided by Technical University of Cluj Napoca ( - provided by RoEduNet Cluj


Adi Roiban is the current maintaner of Romanian Radius Proxy. Please send an email to in order to request joining Eduroam in Romania.


Further information can be found on Eduroam main website: